01/12/2013 10:53 am ET Updated May 14, 2013

Organizing Products That Just Leave Us More Stressed (PHOTOS)

We’ve come across some really great organizing products that can help even the most disorganized scatterbrain feel less frazzled. We totally love helpful gadgets like over the door shoe racks, charging stations and drawer dividers that help us find what we're looking for and get out of the door on time. But then there are some inventions that just leave us saying “WTF?”

Every once in a while, we're even guilty of purchasing one of these bizarre gadgets that we swear will make our lives less stressful. Take the banana saver -- which is totally irrelevant, especially when you think about how many times you don’t finish a banana and need to keep it fresh for a later, AKA never.

In honor of all those items we’ve purchased that are still just sitting in our cabinets, closets and corridors, we’ve complied a list of organizing products no one really needs. Click through our slideshow and share your worst organizing or cleaning purchase!

Organizing Products

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