01/12/2013 04:35 pm ET

Pregnant Kristen Bell Chats With Ben Affleck About Babies (PHOTO, VIDEO)

If there's one person first-time mom-to-be Kristen Bell would enjoy talking to, it's father-of-three Ben Affleck.

The doting dad, 40, appeared on "The Tonight Show" with the pregnant "House of Lies" star, 32, last night and got an earful when she went on and on about her "glow."

"Let's hear it for the glow!" Bell cheered as Jay Leno complimented her on her pregnancy. "I'm about 400 pounds-months pregnant," she joked.

Bell added that she and her fiance Dax Shepard know the sex of the baby, but they're not telling anyone (even Ben). She also explained that babies are allegedly covered in fur in the early stages of pregnancy, saying her child "could be any number of animals, if I'm being honest."

"That's the kind of thing they don't tell you before you get pregnant, otherwise you never would," Affleck chimed in, laughing.

As for how she's feeling, Bell said this "furry" baby inside of her is making her "dumb."

"The funny thing is, [pregnancy brain] is genetically in your body so you don't have like a killer wit and abuse the kid," she said. "You kind of soak up all these wonderful hormones and you're just really nice and dumb the whole time."



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