01/13/2013 05:44 pm ET

Stanley McChrystal On Afghanistan: 'I Didn't Finish The Job'

Days after President Barack Obama announced a timetable for withdrawing United States troops from Afghanistan, retired Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal opened up about some shortcomings from his time leading America's efforts.

In a Sunday interview on CBS' "Face The Nation," McChrystal expressed disappointment about not being able to complete the task at hand.

"I have regrets that some of the things I was responsible for, I didn't finish," McChrystal said. "I didn't finish the job in Afghanistan. I let down a lot of people that worked for me, 150,000 troops worked for me, the Afghan people, many of them believed deeply in me."

McChrystal's tenure in Afghanistan unraveled after a June 2010 Rolling Stone article cited members of his team making disrespectful comments about President Barack Obama. McChrystal offered to resign, and Obama accepted the decision.

"I don't think the story was particularly accurate in the way it represented my team," McChrystal said on Sunday. "But you know, I was in command and the simple elegance of command is you assume responsibility."

McChrystal's 2013 began with the publishing of a new memoir entitled My Share Of The Task. There, the general shed light on his struggles with politics, professing that he tried to "steer clear" of that side of things. McChrystal added on Sunday that he steered clear of pointing fingers over the Rolling Stone fiasco because "I'm not sure Washington needs another book like that."



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