01/13/2013 08:32 am ET

James Holmes Groupie vs. Gold-Plated AK-47: The Weird News Top 10 (VOTE)

Perhaps the only thing more disgusting than rushing into a crowded theater, killing 12 people, and injuring dozens more, is falling for a person charged with that crime.

Still, that's what we seem to have in Misty Benjamin, who says she's "physically attracted" to accused Aurora shooter James Holmes. She's shown up at pretrial hearings with her hair dyed Joker-orange, just as his was, on the night of the massacre.

The must-have sicko accessory of the week, a $50,000, gold-plated, diamond-studded AK-47, was found in a police raid on an accused Honduran drug lord's ranch -- and if you don't know what to get Wayne LaPierre for his 65 birthday in November, consider your problem solved.

In Australia, Smurfs are on the attack. And in Japan, an all-girls band was tricked into drinking "Feces Wine."

The world has become so dangerous that nudists now fear young children won't be able to run, skip and frolic in the raw at the upcoming Nude Olympics.

Luckily, we have our share of badass heroes -- a San Diego man who kicked the tar out of an iPhone bandit; a Virgina Labradoodle that can pass himself off as a lion; and a heavily tattooed presidential candidate who's proving to be more than a sideshow in the upcoming Czech election.

But if this week's weird news doesn't do it for you, there's a Swedish TV network that aired 10 minutes of porn, albeit by accident.

What's the weirdest story of the week? Scroll through the slideshow and vote below.

Weird News Top 10 (Jan 7-13)