01/14/2013 03:18 pm ET

A Look Inside DayGlo, ‘The World's Most Colorful Factory' (VIDEO)

For nearly 70 years DayGlo’s fluorescent pigments and dyes have been adding pops of color to our world, making it bright, cheery and filled with endless possibilities. And it seems we weren’t the only ones to notice how the company has made an impact on multiple industries. In the short documentary “The World’s Most Colorful Factory" we get a look into the place where fluorescents become fashion, beauty and paints -- to name only a few products.

The documentary, produced by American Chemical Society, was uploaded to YouTube by Bytesize Science after the Ohio factory was named a National Historic Chemical Landmark in 2012. Inside we get to see the complicated process of how the company makes its 4.5 million pounds of pigment ever year.

But the amazing part is how nearly every inch of the factory is touched by a brilliant hue, making it truly the most colorful space we’ve ever seen. And while the actual chemicals can be dangerous, you kind of just get lost in the yellows, pinks and reds -- though we doubt the workers feel that way.

Watch the video above to see “The World’s Most Colorful Factory.”

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