01/14/2013 10:18 am ET

Fish Catches Man In Florida (VIDEO)

Be careful what you fish for.

An angler in Florida nearly became the day's catch when he dangled his arm at the edge of a jetty.

Footage posted to YouTube shows a fisherman -- identified as Ryan Reynolds -- struggling to free the better part of his arm from the clamped jaws of an over-zealous tarpon, The Sun reports.

The fish is eventually pried off and released.

The video is somewhat similar to the noodling YouTube clips that have surfaced from the depths of the Internet. In the clips, fishermen try, often with great success, to catch giant catfish using their hands.

But while noodlers are expecting to get their hands swallowed by their prey, Reynolds seems surprised a fish contemplated devouring him. He's just lucky the fish thought better of it.

Hat tip: Fark