01/14/2013 03:31 pm ET Updated Jan 14, 2013

The Hot Child Junk: Jeans Designed With A Man's Anatomy In Mind (PHOTOS)

If a certain Kickstarter project is successfully funded, men across the world will breath a sigh of relief. You might call it a package deal.

Fort Lauderdale's Octavio Marc David Silva is using the micro-funding site to back his new line of jeans specifically designed with men's, ahem, anatomy in mind.

Because as he argues, men aren't flat so why are their jeans?

The Hot Child's Junk jeans feature an exaggerated contoured fly with a "rounded gusset underneath the crotch so that a man's anatomy will fall forward into the contour/pouch naturally, and not be forced to either side," as it's carefully phrased on the project page.

The so-called "penis pouch" is a project of Silva and his mother, who told they will only use button flies after a close-call in the CEO's teen years.

"When he was like 16-years-old, and he actually got the skin caught in a zipper. And it was just like a screech from the bathroom… It’s one of those times in a mother’s life where you just think, you know, I hoped this would never happen in my lifetime! And of course it did."

Silva's line of jeans and built-in codpieces are six years in the making. He officially launched the brand at a trade show in Las Vegas last August.

The Florida mother-and-son hope the jeans will soon be sold at department stores like Macy's priced around $100.

Visit Silva's Kickstarter project, which ends March 4.

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