01/14/2013 04:47 am ET Updated Jan 14, 2013

'Revenge': Dylan Walsh Is Conrad's Old Rival, But Is He A Pawn In Victoria's Game? (VIDEO)

Conrad Grayson is considering a run for public office now that Daniel is firmly in place at the top of Grayson Global on "Revenge." That has done nothing to dull his professional rivalry with Jason Prosser, who debuted this week and is played by Dylan Walsh. While Conrad and Jason like to spar with their checkbooks, Victoria has a much deeper plan she's putting in motion that involves Jason, so she was probably happy Conrad is distracted with his political aspirations.

When The Initiative told Daniel he needed to buy out another company, Stonehaven United, Victoria lets this kernel of information out in front of Jason. He promised to keep it quiet, but she knew he planned to do no such thing. Just out of sight, she overheard him calling in to find out more about Stonehaven.

So what is Victoria's plan? Is she simply trying to thwart The Initiative, or is this part of a long plan to protect Daniel from their machinations? Maybe make them think he's not up to the task of getting what they want done so they'll want him out as CEO?

Either way, it looks like Jason's role in her scheming isn't done yet. Walsh has singed a multi-episode deal to continue on as a recurring character.

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