01/15/2013 11:31 am ET Updated Jan 15, 2013

Inocente Izucar, 17-Year-Old Homeless Artist Stars In Oscar-Nominated Documentary Short, ‘Inocente' (VIDEO)

Jennifer Lawrence isn't the only incredible young artist we'll be rooting for at this year's Academy Awards: The academy has nominated an MTV film “Inocente,” starring 17-year-old homeless artist Inocente Izucar, for Best Documentary Short.

The film chronicles the struggles and hardships of Izucar’s journey as a homeless teenager and undocumented Latina who moved around 30 times within nine years with her mother and siblings, mostly calling the streets of San Diego home, according to ABC Channel 10 News.

When she was 12 years old, Izucar got involved with a local non-profit group called ARTS, A Reason To Survive, which encourages young people to use art as a form of therapy. The teen experimented with photography and painting and successfully turned her coping method into talent. Directors discovered Izucar’s story after she was profiled in a local newspaper, then began the two-year filming process when she was 15.

Watch the video above and head over to ABC Channel 10 News to read the original story.

“Inocente” producer Yael Melamede told The New York Times in a phone interview, “We hope the film brings attention to the issues of teen homelessness, immigration and the importance of arts education.”

The artist was recently able to afford an apartment in Chula Vista, California and get off the streets after selling most of her work at her first exhibition in New York. She reportedly plans on attending the Academy Awards, and even asked if she could bring her pet rabbit.

“It will reach out to more people, and hopefully inspire people,” Izucar told ABC Channel 10 News after finding out the film was nominated for an Oscar on Thursday. “My message has always been never give up hope."

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