01/15/2013 06:37 pm ET Updated Jan 15, 2013

Children Married In Mock Chinese Wedding

a young mother hold her little...
a young mother hold her little...

A group of Chinese kindergartners recently got lessons in reading, writing and... romance?

More than 100 children from a kindergarten in China's Henan province got "married" in a mock wedding on Friday, according to local newspaper Zengzou Evening News. The exercise was a lesson in family life and relationships, the school's principal, Li Wang, told the paper.

The students chose their own partners, who they then had to "woo" (for example, by giving each other toys or chocolate). On the "wedding day," the girls wore wedding dresses and the boys wore suits as they exchanged rings and vows, which included promises such as sticking up for one another if they are bullied. Some of the kids even kissed.

Li said this ceremony wasn't the school's first, although it was the biggest. Click here to see photos.

"This teaches them about relationships and how to maintain them and what we should all be working towards," Li told the UK's Orange News. "They're taught to be kind and thoughtful."

Though the wedding had the support of the kids' parents, it has been criticized for potentially distorting the children's views of relationships, according to Women of China.

Readers, what do you think about the school's mock wedding? Should children learn these types of skills at such a young age? Tell us in the comments!

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