01/15/2013 06:34 am ET

'Shipwreck Men' Premiere: Dangerous Job Of Salvaging And Raising Wrecked Ships (VIDEO)

Discovery delved into yet another unexpected and dangerous job with the debut of "Shipwreck Men." Their latest reality series follows the men tasked with salvaging wrecked ships, raising them and getting them back to shore. It's every bit as dangerous as it sounds.

In this week's series premiere, Shane had to swim beneath a wrecked ship to place a giant bag of air beneath it. He was underneath 4,000 lbs. of pressure, and there was a moment of scare for the rest of the team as the ship started to rise.

As one of the men explained, "If he was under the center of that boat he would have never had time to move. He probably would have died." But Shane came out of it just fine.

It's dangerous and competitive work, but for the men who risk their lives on each salvage, it's well worth it.

Follow the adventure of "Shipwreck Men" every Monday at 9 p.m. EST on Discovery.

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