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Sofia Vergara In 'The Paperboy'? Nicole Kidman's Controversial Role Once Belonged To 'Modern Family' Star

From the files of "What if?": As THR notes, Sofia Vergara was originally cast in Lee Daniels' pulp thriller "The Paperboy" as Charlotte, a sexy waitress who falls in love with an ex-con and pees on Zac Efron.

The role eventually went to Nicole Kidman.

"The money fell out, just like with most independent films, and we had to start over," director Lee Daniels told THR about why Vergara left the film. "I felt Nicole and I together would be explosive -- I didn't even have to talk to her, we read each others' minds. We were like a couple making love except without the sex."

Vergara dropped out of the film in June of 2011 because of her commitments to "Modern Family." That opened to the door for Kidman, who wasn't concerned with the more outlandish moments in Daniels' script for "The Paperboy." As mentioned, during one scene, the actress urinates on Zac Efron's character, who has been stung by a jellyfish. (Just go with it.)

"I just don't find urination shocking," Kidman told THR. "I think I peed in the beginning of 'Eyes Wide Shut,' too. But then, I don't find a lot of things shocking! Violence is a lot more shocking than sex -- sex is primal."

There is plenty of sex in "The Paperboy"; Kidman has one memorably uncomfortable scene with John Cusack, who plays the ex-con her character winds up infatuated with.

"First of all, it was really hard to shoot," Daniels explained to GQ. "The first scene we shot was the sex scene with John. I like to get that right out of the way. The second day was the telepathic sex scene in the prison. And the third day of shooting was the piss scene."

To answer your question: Yes, there is a telepathic sex scene in "The Paperboy."

For more on Kidman, head over to THR.

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