01/17/2013 06:46 am ET

'Cheer Perfection': Coach Demands Mother And Daughter Run Laps For Fighting In The Gym (VIDEO)

An argument between a mother and daughter turned into a standoff between the mother and the coach on "Cheer Perfection." It all started when Ann started telling the other moms and kids that her daughter, Torann, was constipated. The embarrassment from this led to Torann getting violent with her mother.

Torann started hitting Ann, so Ann started dragging Torann. All of these distractions proved too much for Coach Alisha, who tried to take control of the situation. She decided to resort to her usual punishment for the girls which was to have them run laps. Only this time she ordered both Torann and Ann to run laps.

Ann wasn't having any of that. "There’s no way," she said. "Alisha wasn’t going to embarrass me like that in front of the gym. I pay Alisha a lot of money."

In the end, Ann walked out of the gym rather than face the embarrassment of running two laps with her daughter.

The drama never stops on "Cheer Perfection," Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EST on TLC.

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