01/17/2013 03:32 pm ET Updated Mar 19, 2013

Meredith Vieira Talk Show? Former 'Today' Host In Talks With NBC

Meredith Vieira is in talks with NBC to host her own syndicated talk show, the New York Times reported on Thursday.

The Times' Brian Stelter wrote that Vieira could possibly turn up at 11 AM on NBC stations during the 2014-2015 television season -- directly opposite "The View," the show she co-hosted for nine years. But the talks, Stelter said, are in their infancy, and Vieira has not made up her mind about whether to commit to a show.

Vieira stepped down as the co-host of "Today" in 2011. She continued to host "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" and to do occasional reporting for NBC News.

But last week, Vieira announced that she was leaving "Millionaire." She alluded to new projects she was working on with NBC.

Work-life balance would almost certainly have to be something Vieira is considering as she decides whether to commit to a show. Her husband, Richard Cohen, has long suffered from multiple sclerosis, and his health would be a major factor in her thinking. In August 2011, she spoke to "Good Housekeeping" about the toll "Today" had taken on her personal life, saying that she "began to realize that it wasn't working for me."



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