01/18/2013 11:27 am ET Updated Jan 18, 2013

Baileigh Karam, Bullied Teen, Disappears Day Video Of Fight Put On Facebook (VIDEO)

A 14-year-old California girl went missing the same day a video of another teen beating her up was posted to Facebook.

Baileigh Karam was last seen Jan. 11 -- the day that classmates watched and recorded another female student pummel her in a melee at their Carlsbad high school, KGTV reported.

The spectators cheer as Karam begs her unidentified opponent to stop. Her pleas go unanswered; she gets struck repeatedly in the face and head.

The teen's mother, Karen Karam, said she exchanged several text messages with her, station KFMB reports.

Karam told her mother that she wanted to be left alone and that she didn't want to talk to Carlsbad police, who were reviewing the fracas.

The video made its way to Facebook and students unleashed hurtful comments, her mother said.

'It's a very ugly world sometimes on Facebook,' her mom said, 'I know my daughter's out there reading all of those comments. And I know she's heartbroken. And I know she's humiliated in front of her high school.'