01/18/2013 03:22 pm ET

Dave Morrison, Kansas Councilman, To Be Ousted For Letting Homeless Man Sleep In City Hall (VIDEO)

A councilman in Kansas is being removed from his position for letting a homeless man take refuge at City Hall.

Ouster proceedings began Thursday for Dave Morrison, a Prairie Village, Kan., council member, who let a homeless man he befriended sleep in City Hall for a few nights last year, FOX 4 reports. Morrison admitted to giving Kelley Malone, 36, -- an ex-con who had recently been released from jail -- the access code to enter City Hall because he had nowhere to go.

“I allowed a homeless individual to temporarily take shelter and sanctuary in the municipal building because, based upon his past statements and my personal knowledge of his past, I truly believe him to be in fear for his life,” Morrison said in his statement, according to FOX. “I thought at the time the safest place for him to be was in a secure building connected to the police station.”

Security cameras showed Malone using Morrison’s key code to get into various secure parts of the building, KMBC reports. The District Attorney’s office has alleged a number of violations, included criminal trespassing and theft.

Morrison apologized for his actions and said he didn’t invite Malone into his own home because he lives with his ailing mother and was concerned for her health, according to FOX.



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