01/18/2013 05:46 pm ET

Lorne Shark VIDEO: Great White Encounter Filmed By Australians Alan Falzon And James Prascevic

A pair of fishermen on an outing off the coast of Lorne, Australia, captured amazing video of a great white shark that came a little too close to their boat.

Locals Alan Falzon and James Prascevic were fishing for other sharks about two miles from the coast on Wednesday when they got a little more than they expected. A four-meter (13-foot) shark took interest in their boat and stuck around for 40 minutes.

A veteran soldier with tours of duty in Afghanistan, Iraq and Timor, Prascevic has experienced his share of danger, but nothing could have prepared him for this close call.

“He rubbed his side along the boat and put his nose on the engine,” Prascevic told Australia's Network Ten. “’Jaws’ was recently on TV, and you think of the last scene there where he jumps on the boat."

Despite this recent close call, Prascevic says the water is where he feels calmest.

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Lorne is a town along the Bass Strait in Victoria, Australia, which separates the mainland from Tasmania. The area has some history of shark encounters.

In 2010, surfers at nearby Breamlea beach were reportedly charged by a shark that chased them out of the water, according to the Geelong Advertiser.

A sensational article from the Melbourne Argus in 1953 describes how two Lorne fishermen hunted down and killed a pair of "man-eating" alleged "nurse" sharks with firearms. However, the photos in the archived document do not appear to depict nurse sharks, which are not generally considered a threat to humans, according to National Geographic.

Although Australia has had its fair share of shark attacks recently, including some fatal ones, sharks are far more threatened by humans than humans are by sharks.

The global shark population faces danger from finning, bycatch and fishing pressure, according to advocacy group Oceana.