01/21/2013 11:12 am ET

'Ax Men': Shelby Loses It Over His Gate (VIDEO)

On "Ax Men," Shelby’s always quite the crazy old coot, but on this week’s episode he really drove that home. Literally. When his gate wouldn’t open, instead of looking for the key, he drove over it.

After the narrator notes that “The clock is ticking, and Shelby won’t let his own locked gate slow him down," his cousin Belinda yells his name.

“Look what you made me do!" Shelby snaps, to which Belinda replies, “Yippie kye yay!”

Yep -- that gate was really, really broken. And Shelby and his cousin Belinda just continued down the highway.

On Twitter, viewers said Shelby and his antics are basically the whole reason they watch this show.

And Shelby’s Facebook page was blowing up too...

With fans saying they just wish Shelby would get his own show already.

"Ax Men" airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. EST on History.

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