01/21/2013 10:43 am ET

'Bamazon': Learning About The Dangers Of The Amazon (VIDEO)

On ‘Bamazon,’ the guys from Alabama are just learning about the dangers of the different animals and parasites in the Amazon.

This episode -- one found this, a wolf fish with teeth like a piranha and an eel in its mouth, ‘Alien’-style. And then -- Chris got a cut in his foot, and after walking around in mud and water -- a parasitic insect nested in his skin.

“You have to get the egg sac out. It can actually hatch. Babies will then bleed off of your blood supply,” a nurse tells Chris.“Lay eggs and they eat the inside of your skin so you become what they call a host.”

“Yeah. It’s pretty scary,” Chris replies, adding, “I don’t wanna lose my foot either.”

The nurse warned Chris if he didn’t keep his foot dry, he could face amputation. He followed orders.

On Twitter, viewers felt for Chris -- saying he looked to be in a lot of pain.

But they don’t consider the show painful -- many aren’t ready to see its season end next week.

"Bamazon" airs on Sundays at 10 p.m. EST on History.

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