01/22/2013 09:58 pm ET

'Bored To Death' Movie Officially In Development At HBO

The long-rumored "Bored to Death" movie is officially in development, The Huffington Post has confirmed.

The feature-length project is being produced by HBO Films, and will be written by the show's creator, Jonathan Ames, with Sarah Condon and Stephanie Davis executive producing.

The series, which starred Jason Schwartzman, Ted Danson and Zach Galifianakis, ran for three seasons on HBO between 2009 and 2011, and centered around the misadventures of author-turned-private detective Jonathan (Schwartzman), and his hapless friends Ray (Galifianakis) and George (Danson).

The film's logline is fairly vague, but provides an idea of what we can expect if the film goes forward: "Jonathan, Ray, and George reunite to fight crime, commit crime, lose their minds and fail at love in a Bored to Death feature-length slapstick adventure."

Rumors of the movie first surfaced in June last year, before Ted Danson confirmed that a deal was about to be signed and that Ames was working on the script in November.

Back then, Danson described the plot thus: “I think Jason becomes a policeman, which means, for him, a traffic cop. He’ll have a traffic-cop go-kart kind of thing. And I think Ray and I move in together, both of us without relationships. And then: hijinks. All hell breaks loose. That’s about as much as I know."

The news was first reported by The Hollywood Reporter and Deadline.

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