01/22/2013 09:37 am ET

'Cloud Atlas' Censored For Chinese Release; 40 Minutes Reportedly Cut From Film

Chinese film audiences won't get to see the "true-true" version of "Cloud Atlas." According to THR, a whopping 40 minutes of the film was edited out prior to its release in China.

Per the trade, directors Andy and Lana Wachowski and Tom Tykwer did not handle the edit themselves, but were confident that the film's Chinese producers stayed true to their vision.

Based on the novel by David Mitchell, "Cloud Atlas" tells six stories, ranging from the 18th century to 100 years after the apocalypse. The film, which was rated R in North America, features many scenes of violence -- a man is shot in the mouth, for instance -- as well as some moments of sexual intimacy. It's those sex scenes that were apparently curtailed by Chinese censors, including a same-sex relationship between the characters played by Ben Whishaw and James D'Arcy, which takes up a large section of the film.

This isn't the first time Chinese censors have trimmed a U.S. release. Just last week it was revealed that "Skyfall" was tweaked for its release in China. The subtitles for a portion of the film's dialogue, about a woman being sold into sexual slavery when she was a child, were changed. An additional scene featuring Bond villain Javier Bardem was also cut down.

Last year, Chinese censors also edited out some of Kate Winslet's nudity in "Titanic." Curiously, despite the appearance of Winslet's breasts in the film, "Titanic" only received a PG-13 rating in North America.

The release of "Cloud Atlas" in China could be huge for the film's eventual bottom line. The $100 million indie production has grossed just $71 million globally since its release last year.

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