01/23/2013 05:11 am ET Updated Jan 23, 2013

'Justified': Boyd Tests Billy's Faith With A Truly Venomous Snake (VIDEO)

Boyd Crowder was determined to shut down the tent revival happening on "Justified." He was losing too much business to this brother-sister duo. This week, he got the edge he deserved when one of his men was bit extensively by the church's snakes -- and didn't die.

He thus learned that Cassie, the sister, had been draining the venom from the snakes before allowing her brother Billy to handle them. She'd apparently watched their father die from being bitten, and wanted to protect her brother. She also clearly has been enjoying the fruits of their deceptive labor in the name of the Lord.

But how much of it is deception? Billy was so determined to believe his faith and his connection with the Lord that he took up the venomous snake Boyd brought to the congregation. He thought the Spirit would protect him, but the snake struck and Billy collapsed.

Will that be the end? He could perhaps survive one snake bite, if he's given medical care quickly enough. One thing's for sure, though. The faith of the people assembled is surely shaken by now, which is exactly what Boyd was hoping to achieve.

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