01/23/2013 11:36 am ET

Recent Shootings Prompt Latinos To Act On Gun Control

A fifteen-year-old New Mexico Latino teen who later told police he had homicidal and suicidal thoughts grabbed his parents’ assault rifle from their closet and killed his mother, a brother and two sisters under the age of 9, before waiting several hours and then killing his father. Like in the Newtown, Connecticut school shooting, the New Mexico teen, Nehemiah Griego, had no history of violence. And like Newtown, Connecticut school shooter Adam Lanza, Nehemiah Griego simply took his parents’ AR-15 assault rifle to kill his own family members.

“I’ve never seen anything quite like this,” said Bernalillo County Sheriff Dan Houston at a press conference following the New Mexico shooting. Griego’s father, a fire department chaplain and former pastor, was well-known and loved in his community.

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