01/23/2013 06:58 pm ET

Michele Bachmann Has High Staff Turnover Rate, Reports Show

The congressional office of Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) maintains one of the highest staff turnover rates, according to a report from the Washington Times highlighting the best and worst bosses on Capitol Hill.

Reps. Sheila Jackson (D-Texas.) and Betty Sutton (D-Ohio) also topped the list for their high staff turnover rates.

Earlier this month, Bachmann faced claims that she took advantage of her presidential campaign employees by not paying them for their service. She also faced allegations from an ex-staffer, who claimed Bachmann violated campaign finance law by directly paying campaign staffers with funds from her political action committee.

Bachmann faces further accusations for allegedly paying an Iowa state senator during her presidential campaign.

Bachmann ran for president during the Republican presidential primary in 2012. She withdrew from the race in June 2012, after receiving discouraging results in the Iowa caucus.