01/23/2013 09:17 am ET

'Night Court' Reunion? Richard Moll Is Not Interested

Hoping for a "Night Court" reunion? It's not happening in this lifetime.

While speaking to TMZ, "Night Court" star Richard Moll opened up about getting together with the cast again.

After saying that if a reunion was in the works he would "run in the other direction," Moll added, "I love show business. It's the people that I can't stand." Ouch!

Moll -- who appeared on the NBC series as Nostradamus "Bull" Shannon from 1984-1992 -- isn't the only TV actor who isn't into the idea of a reunion.

After years of fans hoping for a "Dawson's Creek" reunion, Joshua Jackson -- who played Pacey Witter -- quashed the idea for good.

"I don't think we'll ever have a reunion," Jackson told "Parade" last month. But unlike Moll, he has nothing but positive feelings toward his former cast members. "I can't possibly put into words what an important time in my life that was," he said. "I was 19 and doing what I loved with a group of actors that became like family. I look back on it really fondly."

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