01/30/2013 02:50 pm ET

This Top City For Men Is Even Better For Women

It turns out that one of the best U.S. cities for men is even better for women. In its annual list of the best and worst cities in America, Men's Health named Portland, ME the 22nd best place to live if you are a man. The magazine's sister publication Women's Health rated the city even higher, naming it the 10th best city for women.

The ranking discrepancy stems from the fact that while Men's Health took a comprehensive look at the cities -- taking into account thing like unemployment rate, cost of living and commute time -- Women's Health opted to focus on health-related factors, like cancer rates and nutrition.

Other cities on Women's Health's top 100 list (see our slideshow of the top 25 below) included Salt Lake City, Minneapolis and St. Paul. San Francisco nabbed the top spot this year, beating out past winners Seattle ("women in Seattle are the least likely to die from heart disease") and Raleigh ("a hopping 90 percent of them have perfect Pap smear timing").

This year, it's clear that Portland, too, is doing something right.

How does your city compare to Portland? Any changes you would like to see made?

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