01/24/2013 07:08 am ET

Heidi Klum Dances On Jay Leno's Desk On 'The Tonight Show' (VIDEO)

Jay Leno just had to ask Heidi Klum about the story of her dancing on a table at a Golden Globes after party on "The Tonight Show." Klum wasn't embarrassed about it, and in fact said that someone had to do it. She and a friend had decided that Harvey Weinstein's party was just too boring, so with a few glasses of champagne in her as courage, Klum took matters into her own hands.

Leno asked her if she'd ever fallen, and Klum said that she hadn't because she had skills. She then proceeded to prove it by having Leno help her get up on his desk. This, despite wearing a flowing dress that was sheer well up the sides of her legs.

Nevertheless, she proved very stable on her feet -- and she didn't even need champagne courage to get up there -- and showed off a few moves to music before deftly climbing back down on her own.

Leno was all smiles throughout the demonstration.

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