01/24/2013 01:13 pm ET

Mystery Doctor Saves Dying Baby With Rubber Gloves In Improvised Operation (PHOTOS)


The parents of a dying baby took a chance when a mystery doctor warned: "I've never done this before."

According to the Daily Mail, Jodi Baker and Brian Willett were prepared to say goodbye to one-month-old Jake, whose gut infection had burst his small intestine. As they sat in the ward, devastated, a doctor approached them.

"I'm going to try something on your son," said the doctor, who overheard their conversation with a nurse while attending another baby. "It will either save his life or end things."

Brian, 30, gave the go ahead, and the surgeon set to work.

According to the Daily Mail, he reached into Jake's incubator and made two tiny cuts. As 28-year-old Baker returned to the ward -- she had fled in tears -- two standard-issue surgical gloves extended from Jake's body, keeping the wounds open.

The procedure was a success. It drained the infection, which bought time for a transfer from Medway Hospital to London for another 6-hour operation. Jake emerged from that with much of his small intestine gone.

"Over the next six months Jake remained in intensive care," wrote Baker on her fundraising page, "having numerous more problems, contracting MRSA, liver failure, enlarged ventricles on the brian, a small hole in his heart, 17 blood transfusions and a terrible infection in the longline that was running right next to his heart."

Now, at 16 months, he's made a full recovery.

“Jake is an absolute miracle," Baker, a dental nurse, told the Daily Mail. “He's a really happy boy and now he eats everything and is putting on weight."

Jake was born two months premature at just 2 pounds, 4 ounces, in September 2011, in an emergency Caesarean.

When he was 3 weeks old, his stomach began swelling. According to Baker's page, doctors diagnosed him with Necrotising Enterocolitis, which interferes with milk digestion and causes intestinal tissue to die.

Their heroic doctor is still unknown. Sources think he may have been a visiting neonatal specialist, and the Daily Mail has asked for calls with information.

"My partner and I would love to be able to see him again to thank him for saving Jake's life," Baker told

Mystery Doctor Saves Dying Baby WIth Improvised Operation