01/24/2013 01:24 pm ET

Jon Shook & Vinny Dotolo On Top Chef: Duo Judges Woman Who Once Rejected Them (VIDEO)

For chefs Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo, revenge is a dish best served dry and bland.

The much-lauded culinary duo of Animal, Son of a Gun and soon-to-be Trois Mec, were guest judges on Top Chef Wednesday. Coincidentally, one of the contestants vying for the title of "Top Chef" was someone who once rejected the cooks several years ago.

That contestant, Brook Williamson, is another Southern Californian chef. Now co-executive chef and owner of Hudson House in Redondo Beach and The Tripel in Playa Del Ray, Williamson once interviewed and rejected the pair for line cook positions at another restaurant.

"They're not going to hold it against you," Padma Lakshmi smirked. And it's true -- Shook and Dotolo were fairly muted when reviewing Williamson's disappointing "dukkah" fried chicken. They left the snarking to another judge, esteemed LA chef Wolfgang Puck.

"Why the f**k they don't have no bones? Where are the bones?" he exclaimed. "I wouldn't even call it 'The Apprentice,' " Puck said of Williamson's work.

"I'm glad I didn't take the job," said Dotolo simply.

At least Williamson knew she was in for a drubbing. In an aside, she confessed, "It's really embarrassing. These guys are very well known and very respected and they're going to be judging me ... I'm having a really bad day."

In the end, Williamson was in the hot seat for her chicken but was saved from the chopping block for another week.



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