01/25/2013 04:09 am ET Updated Jan 25, 2013

'Glee': Rachel Takes A Huge Step Forward With Brody, Asks Him To Move In (VIDEO)

It was a week of girl power on "Glee." At McKinley High, Tina came up with the idea of a Sadie Hawkins dance, which the school had never done before. The songs for the week were therefore the girls serenading the guy of their choice. Tina awkwardly admitted to a crush on Blaine, who had his own impossible crush on Sam.

The dance turned into huge hit, with Blaine and Tina agreeing to go as friends. Even the chronic wallflowers got up the courage -- after a pep talk from Coach Bieste -- to get out there and ask a guy to dance.

While this was going down, the investigation into the possible juicing at Dalton Academy reached a new climax as one of Daton's own members admitted it. But would he testify against them? If it can be proven, Dalton would be disqualified and McKinley would win.

Back in New York, Kurt was considering joining the NYADA glee, despite Rachel warning him against it. The cute boy trying to recruit him might be enough to change his mind. And Rachel had her hands full with a boy of her own.

After getting mad at him for being 45 minutes late to their date, Brody promise he'd never be late again. He even said he'd go so far as to get an apartment closer to hers. That's when she suggested he move in with her instead.

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