01/25/2013 12:39 pm ET

KAUFMANFRANCO To Design American Airlines Flight Attendant Uniforms (QUIZ, PHOTOS)

A little over a week after American Airlines announced a new logo and livery design, the airline said in a press release that that KAUFMANFRANCO, a favorite design-duo of Taylor Swift, will overhaul the airline's uniforms for pilots, flight attendants and customer-service agents.

It will be the first complete refresh of uniforms in more than 20 years, and it is meant to highlight the airline's "new visual identity, as a new generation of customers begins to take flight" (read: make it hipper), according to the press release.

"It's exciting to think that we can put a KAUFMANFRANCO stamp on such an important American icon," Ken Kaufman, KAUFMANFRANCO designer, said in the release. "We plan to mix the elegance of American's rich fashion heritage and incredible style with today's cutting-edge technology. It's about creating a wardrobe inspired by our fashion runway for American's runway." Isaac Franco added: "Our vision is to put the 'you' back in uniform and break the formula that one look fits all. We recognize that individuals make up American's incredible team and we are creating a wardrobe of pieces that will make each person look and feel amazing. We want to send a very powerful message when the plane door opens and a new iconic look emerges."

The airline expects the new uniforms to make their debut in 18 months.

Quite a few airlines have redesigned their uniforms of late, including Virgin America (which paired with Banana Republic) and its sister airline Down Under, Virgin Blue (aka Virgin Australia.)

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