01/25/2013 11:28 am ET

Leave Michelle Obama Alone!

Intellectually, I can totally grasp both sides of the current feminist infighting over Michelle Obama's "job performance." There's a solid round-up of both camps over at the Washington Post right now, and a nuanced but concise explanation of how each argument resonates in a racial context. It's a valuable read.

Basically, some women (mainly white feminists) are upset that Michelle Obama hasn't kept up her fancy lawyerin' in the years since her husband became Intergalactic Hegemon—as a professional woman even more accomplished than her husband in certain ways, she could really have set an example for budding feminists everywhere. It's a frustration perfectly crystallized in Obama's insistence on repeating the term "mom-in-chief" when describing her "most important job." Everyone else, though (feminists of color and also feminists with other stuff to think about) are like, "Yeah, but...it's fine, though. Get it, Michelle."

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