'Stoner Mice' Eat Marijuana Evidence At Kansas Police Storage Facility

Hey, vermin, don't bogart that evidence!

Wichita police in Kansas are hot on the tail of mice that chewed through bags of marijuana kept in a police storage facility, KMBC reported. The three packages were evidence seized during arrests in 2009.

The rodents apparently nested in the pot and ate some of it. "We've got some mice that are stoners," Police Lt. Doug Nolte said on Thursday. The animals were probably attracted to the scent, he added.

At first look, authorities thought the evidence was tampered with, but some super-sleuthing revealed "that the culprits were operating on a much smaller scale," quipped The Inquisitr.

Still, officials adhered to protocol, photographing the scene, resealing the stash and reweighing it, Nolte told KSN.

The mice remain at large but a precinct artist did produce a sketch of one of the suspects with big ears, little beady eyes and a long tail (see above).

No drawn-out investigation or jury trial will be necessary. An exterminator has been called.

Other outlets were quick to make sport of the pothead varmints:

"There are some mice in Kansas with major munchies," MSN wrote.

And our favorite headline came from the Kansas City Business Journal: "Dude, Where's My Cheese?"



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