01/25/2013 02:59 pm ET

Hotel Site Trivago Finds The World's Best (And Worst) Cities For Stays

For those who plan their vacation destinations around lodging options, hotel website Trivago has done your the favor of indexing the best and worst cities for hotel stays.

Trivago's Global Reputation Ranking culled data from more than 34 million hotel reviews on more than 140 booking websites to classify destinations according to the reputation of their hotels.

The list contained surprises all around, with perennial travel favorites like London and Paris sitting at the bottom of the list, while less-visited (though no less lovely) towns like Krakow, Gdansk and Dresden topped the charts.

In the U.S., Seattle, Portland and Chicago cracked the top ten, while New York City came in at 67 and Los Angeles ranked lowest at 91. Also in the U.S. were:

11) Washington, D.C.
17) Dallas
18) Las Vegas
27) Phoenix
32) New Orleans
38) Atlanta
40) Orlando
42) Houston
45) San Diego
48) Austin
62) San Francisco
64) Indianapolis
66) Albuquerque
72) Nashville

For the 10 highest and 10 lowest ranked cities, check out the slideshow below. Trivago has the full list of cities.

Have you had a hotel experience in any of these cities, good or bad? Tell us about it in the comments below.



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