01/25/2013 12:30 pm ET

Jennifer Hunt, Soldier In Combat Exclusion Lawsuit, On Women In Combat: Policy Now Reflects Reality (WATCH)

The Pentagon's policy of forbidding women in combat has ended with the order handed down by Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta this week. The decision comes as vindication for Army Staff Sgt. Jennifer Hunt, who joined a lawsuit last year against the US government, charging gender discrimination. Sgt. Hunt spoke to HuffPost Live host Alicia Mendenez on Friday about her reaction to the new order.

"This policy being lifted just reflects the reality of women of the last 10 years of women having already served on the front lines," said Hunt, who earned a Purple Heart during her service in Iraq, "and being in the same situations and combat dangers as their male colleagues."

Also joining the discussion were Afghanistan veteran Adrian Bonenberger, Israeli speechwriter Yael Wissner-Levy, and Molly O'Toole, HuffPost News Editor.

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