01/28/2013 02:27 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Diego Luna Directs 'Drifting': Mexican Actor Premiers New Short Film Online (VIDEO)

Mexican actor Diego Luna has gone behind the camera to direct ‘Drifting’, a short film inspired and created by friends.

The project, produced as a collaboration between Chivas Regal andLuna’s production company Canana, founded along with life-long friend actor Gael Garcia Bernal, premiers online today and showcases the special bond of true male friendship through two short films.

Filmed in Tulum, Mexico, the first short tells the story of three old friends and explores themes of trust, forgiveness and acceptance. The characters reconnect after drifting apart and find themselves falling straight back into the comfort of old friendship.

“This project really interested me because the story involves this idea of an intervention, a moment of crossing a line to make your friend wake up,” said Luna in a press release. “I think friends are the only ones that constantly cross that line and because you’re friends you let them and that’s the beauty of it because sometimes they know what is best!”

This is the first time both actors Diego and Gael have worked together in this way, each directing a story around the same characters. The second part of the film directed by García Bernal is expected to be released by February 18.

Take a look at “Drifting” above and take a sneak peek behind the scenes below.

Diego Luna Behind The Cameras


Diego Luna and Gael Garcia Bernal Through The Years