01/28/2013 07:11 pm ET Updated Mar 30, 2013

'Grey's Anatomy': Will Meredith Lose The Baby?

The promo for this week's"Grey's Anatomy" has fans worried that Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) will lose her baby. And who could blame them? The 20-second look at the Jan. 31 episode, titled "Bad Blood," includes a voiceover that says, "There's a thin line between life and death," as Meredith puts her hand on her belly. Then, we hear her say, "Something's wrong."

But "Grey's Anatomy" creator Shonda Rhimes wants to clear some things up. "I would like to point out that while I find promos to be awesome ... I do not make the promos," Rhimes told TV Guide. "The reason you all fear that I'm going to kill McBaby is because you guys think I kill everybody, even though I don't. I only kill some characters as necessary on a story basis."

And even more promising, Rhimes went on to tell TVLine that there's a "lovely storyline" ahead for Meredith and Derek. "In my mind I feel like we have this storyline about this person who wasn't necessarily meant to get pregnant, but did -- and is now very worried for herself," Rhimes told TVLine. "We have a lovely storyline planned, and I think it's going to be very beautiful for Meredith and Derek. I hope the audience is along for the ride."

Viewers have been nervous about Meredith's pregnancy since she told her husband Derek (Patrick Dempsey) that they're going to have a baby in a November episode of "Grey's Anatomy." Meredith didn't even tell her best friend Cristina (Sandra Oh) until last week's episode that she was pregnant due to her trepidation. "She's super-nervous because she's had a tricky past with that miscarriage," Pompeo told TVLine earlier in the season.

Click over to TVLine and TV Guide to read the rest of their interviews about what will happen with Meredith, the baby and much more.

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