01/28/2013 08:55 am ET Updated Mar 30, 2013

J.J. Abrams' 'Star Wars' Might Not Arrive In 2015

J.J. Abrams' is locked in to direct "Star Wars: Episode VII," but fans might have to wait a little while before it winds up in theaters.

When Disney purchased Lucasfilm, the studio announced that "Episode VII" would arrive in theaters at some point in 2015. Now, according to THR, that date could change. Per the trade, Abrams hasn't "committed" to the 2015 release date, meaning "Star Wars: Episode VII" could arrive later than initially anticipated.

As fans of Abrams know, that's just how the director works. The "Star Trek" sequel, "Star Trek Into Darkness," was originally supposed to arrive in theaters in June of 2012, but Abrams pushed the date back nearly full year to make sure he was able to finish "Super 8." "Star Trek Into Darkness" will now arrive in theaters on May 17.

Abrams has a full plate already: He's finishing up "Star Trek Into Darkness" and will have press commitments for that sequel later this year; he's also a producer on "Mission: Impossible 5" and "Star Trek 3," whenever those films happen, not to mention his work on television, which is nothing short of prolific. (Good luck trying to keep up with all the TV projects with Abrams' named attached.)

Then there's "Star Wars."

"You know, obviously, it's so early," Abrams said about his plans for the franchise at the Producers Guild Awards on Saturday. "I can just say what I want to do: I want to do the fans proud. I want to make sure the story is something that touches people. And we're just getting started. I'm very excited."

For more on Abrams, head over to THR.

[via THR]

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