01/28/2013 03:02 pm ET Updated Feb 06, 2013

Justin Bieber's 'Saturday Night Live' Performance Will Be Anything Goes, Says Source

Justin Bieber is slated to say hello to 30 Rock starting Feb. 4, as he starts rehearsals to host and perform on "Saturday Night Live" Feb. 9. And although Justin does not start the process for another week, it has already been made clear to the show's writing staff that "nothing" is off limits.

"Justin has nothing to hide or be ashamed about; he is a talented 18-year-old who is growing up in the spotlight and is the first to laugh at any mistakes he might have made," a friend of the singer tells The Huffington Post. "So everything will be on the table: his relationships, the tabloids' stories about him, even the recent rumors that he tried pot. If the bit is funny, then it will be on the live show."

The process of putting together "SNL" each week starts on Monday when the host, cast members, writers and producers start pitching ideas. Those are fleshed out into fully realized sketches and are edited down to what we see on TV, right up until the dress rehearsal a few hours before the live show.

"As the week progresses, it becomes clear which hosts have what it take to be the star of the show," one NBC insider reveals. "The funnier the host, the more screen time they get."

Which explains why, when Justin Timberlake last hosted, he was hardly ever off the set, yet when Lindsay Lohan last did the show, she was at best a bit player in most scenes. Like most hosts, arrangements have already been made for Justin to enter and exit NBC through the underground garage to avoid bringing the streets around Rockefeller Center to a standstill.



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