01/28/2013 05:44 pm ET

Rick Scott Health Care Costs Run Less Than $400 Per Year

Looking for inexpensive health care? Run for office in the state of Florida.

The Associated Press reported Monday that Gov. Rick Scott (R) and dozens of Sunshine State officials are receiving coverage for their families at less than $400 annually. Back in 2011, the AP reported a similar deal, which at the time applied to more than 30,000 state employees.

This inexpensive benefit comes in lieu of a major decision Scott will have to make regarding Medicaid expansion. Under Obamacare, if Florida decides to extend its program to cover low-income residents who were previously left without coverage, the federal government will pick up a huge slice of the bill -- three years fully paid for, followed by 90 percent thereafter.

The governor's administration has been a leading source of opposition to that piece of Obamacare, with Scott citing figures that overstate the costs of the plan. HuffPost's Jeffrey Young traced the progression of "faulty data" on Jan. 10, explaining how much higher Scott's Medicaid expansion estimates were than the actual numbers.

Three days later, Scott reversed course, admitting that Medicaid expansion would total only $5 billion -- a far cry from the $25.8 billion sum that had been floated in previous months.



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