01/28/2013 03:14 pm ET Updated Jan 28, 2013

Willard Preacher Confronted On Penn State Campus By Political Science Professor Errol Henderson (VIDEO)

"Why are you preoccupied with the number of virgins here?" shouted Errol Henderson, a political science professor at Penn State University.

Henderson was talking to Gary Cattell, better known on the Penn State campus as the "Willard Preacher." Cattell has been around for years, following in the footsteps of Clarence "Bro" Cope, the original Willard Preacher.

Cattell is a fixture on the Penn State campus, evangelizing to students who pass by his usual post outside Willard Hall. Henderson decided he'd had enough of Cattell's preaching and confronted Cattell last week as an onlooker captured the showdown on their phone.

"If you want to save souls, why don't you take your butt down to the prison, and save some souls there," Henderson said, "and end this preoccupation with sex, and the sex of these students?"

"I'm also preoccupied with their drunkenness," Cattell responded.

"They don't look drunk to me ... why don't you go stand outside the bars then?" Henderson asked.

Similar preachers trolling "sinful students" is nothing new. Just look to those at Iowa State University, Auburn University and the University of North Carolina, to name a few.

On a message board, the user Texas Lion said Henderson went on a bit of a rant about Cattell in class Friday:

I have a class with this professor, and he spent five to ten minutes telling my class on Friday morning that "we didn't have to put up with people like the Preacher yelling at us on campus." He got pretty fired up about it.

I really like him as a professor- he shows a ton of enthusiasm for his work, and presents his message clearly in a concise manner. He has really easy notes as well.

Henderson repeatedly told Cattell the students don't need to be "badgered by you," and insisted that Cattell leave the campus.

Judging by the crowd who applauded Henderson in the video and comments on YouTube, this confrontation was well-supported by Penn State students. One person said Henderson is the "Samuel Jackson of Penn State."

"Willard Preacher called me a whore for wearing short shorts on a 90-degree day. This verbal beat down is much appreciated," commented Carolyn Mudgett.

Watch the showdown in the video above.