01/29/2013 10:12 am ET Updated Jan 29, 2013

Emma Bartelt, Florida Fourth Grader, Uses Cocaine In Science Project, Wins First Prize

In DC, a fourth grader brought cocaine to school and was charged with drug possession. In Miami, a fourth grader's use of cocaine got her a prize.

Emma Bartelt, 10, used 28 grams of cocaine in her science experiment, which won first place at a fair at Coral Gables Preparatory Academy, according to the Miami Herald.

Her mother said the 10-year-old did not come in direct contact with the illicit substance during the experiment, which tested the responses of three drug-sniffing dogs.

Bartelt's father is a detective with Miami-Dade Police. Read the full story at the Miami Herald, including how the school district reacted to the cocaine-focused school project.

Back in 2002, California school officials were perturbed at a 13-year-old's ''Mary Jane for Pain'' project, which involved marijuana-laced muffins and a spray bottle of pot-steeped rubbing alcohol.

And in another controversial school project, a Washington teen faked her own pregnancy, misleading not only her school but members of her own family as well as her boyfriend's.

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