01/29/2013 10:58 am ET

How I Turned Instagram Into A Dating Service

We were sitting on a stoop on my old 9th Street block. It was a summer Saturday night, and we were eating a carton of Ben & Jerry’s with plastic spoons, waiting for someone to high-five us. This game was my idea: I haven’t been in the East Village once in the last year without a stranger on the street putting his palm in front of me, his button-down shirt often slightly open regardless of the weather, yelling “Give me five!” Within minutes a young business-type gingerly put his hand ahead of him as he passed us. His fingers brushed mine. My companion looked at me incredulously, and I laughed. This was a good first date. We’d already gotten a little Champagne-drunk at Balthazar hours before landing here, with Cherry Garcia in tow.

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