01/29/2013 02:40 pm ET

Jackie Sagrue's Remote Key Causes Explosion In Her Honda Civic

A keyless remote was the key to how a 2012 Honda Civic suddenly exploded in the parking lot of a Stoneham, Mass., shopping center Sunday afternoon.

The vehicle's owner, Jackie Sagrue, and her boyfriend were walking toward the car when she pressed her remote.

“I unlocked my car and then immediately after that I popped my trunk and then my car just exploded all over the parking lot,” Sugrue told

Fire officials who investigated the strange explosion say when Sagrue pressed her keyless trunk remote, it somehow ignited vapors trapped in plumbing equipment that was stored inside the car, KTLA-TV reported.

"The acetylene gas leaked, and when the people came out of the store, they used a remote keyless entry to unlock the car and opened the trunk and it ignited," Jennifer Meith, a spokeswoman for state Fire Marshal Stephen Coan, told the Lowell Sun.

The explosion caused Sagrue's car trunk to go flying over a whole row of cars, according to Gant Daily. No one was hurt.



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