01/29/2013 08:08 pm ET Updated Jan 30, 2013

Kevin Collins Case: San Francisco Police Search Home For Remains Of Boy Missing Since 1984

The San Francisco Police Department and the FBI launched a search on Tuesday connected to the case of Kevin Collins, a 10-year-old boy whose 1984 disappearance sparked a national campaign against child abduction.

ABC News first reported on the search of a home at Masonic Avenue and Page Street, where the person believed to be responsible for Collins' kidnapping was living at the time of the incident. Investigators have been digging in the backyard and basement of the property looking for the child's remains.

The SFPD later confirmed that the search was for Collins' remains, and that the SFPD, the FBI and the Alameda County Sheriff's Office are all involved in the case.

According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Collins was last seen on February 10, 1984 while waiting for a bus at the corner of Oak Street and Masonic Avenue after a school basketball practice. Witnesses said Collins was seen talking to a tall, blonde-haired man shortly before he vanished.

In the days following the incident, thousands of fliers, milk cartons, billboards and newspapers circulated photos and information about the boy, prompting a nationwide response. The case eventually inspired abduction prevention efforts, such as the Amber Alert.

UPDATE: San Francisco Police said in a press release Tuesday that several bones were located during the search. According to the SFPD, the bones are believed to be from an animal and not a human, but "further analysis is necessary."



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