01/29/2013 05:32 pm ET

'The Bachelor' Sean Lowe Spotted With Friends At Vegas Nightclub

If this season’s "The Bachelor," Sean Lowe, did find love on the hit ABC show, he isn’t letting on. Lowe stopped by Haze Nightclub at ARIA in Las Vegas on Saturday night with a bunch of pals, but no girlfriend.

“In town for work, Sean and a group of friends headed to Haze around 11:45 p.m. and were seated in a private balcony table,” one clubgoer told The Huffington Post. “Sean and his group, including three guys and a girl, were served Grey Goose and Moet, but Sean stuck with water and Red Bull throughout the evening. The group enjoyed themselves and were dancing and singing along. As soon as the girls in the club noticed that Sean was seated at the private VIP table, they started to try to get his attention. But Sean was just having fun with his group and didn’t seem interested. A few girls managed to sneak into Sean's area and he happily took photos with them, but left shortly after, around 1:15 a.m.”

Former "The Bachelor" constant David Cook confirmed the show is taped months before it is seen on TV. If Lowe did propose to one of the women on the show, he couldn't be seen in public with her until the series finishes airing.

“He, for sure, seemed committed," said a witness at the club. "Lots of girls trying to get his attention and he ignored it.”



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