01/30/2013 11:51 am ET Updated Jan 31, 2013

Brian Heffren, BlackBerry Lover, Gets BlackBerry 10 Tattoo Ahead Of Phone's Launch

How psyched were you for the BlackBerry 10 launch?! (crickets)

Either way, you'd be hard-pressed to match the enthusiasm of BlackBerry superfan Brian Heffren of Middleton, N.Y.

As part of a "What Would You Do For A BlackBerry 10 Phone?" contest on BlackBerry fansite CrackBerry, Heffren had both the BlackBerry 10 logo and the CrackBerry logo tattooed on his upper back, Business Insider points out.

According to CrackBerry, Heffren is an engineer technician and field planner for Time Warner Cable who has been working on LTE towers and setting up fiber optic routes for businesses since 1996. He became a BlackBerry lover years ago while using one at work and now even buys old, broken BlackBerrys to restore.

Other winners in CrackBerry's contest include BlackBerry addicts holding bikini photo shoots, eating the world's hottest hamburger or folding one thousand origami paper cranes.

The BlackBerry 10 launched today with a new look and operating system. The release comes amid steady decline over the past several years, as Apple and Samsung have upped the "cool factor" of their products while BlackBerry maker RIM has continued to operate on a now-dated platform. Despite stock tumbling to $6 a share in September and rumors of a buyout, whispers of RIM's death are for now premature.

The real question is: What's Heffren going to do for the BlackBerry 11 release? That is -- if RIM survives that long.

(Hat Tip: Business Insider)



BlackBerry 10 Launch - Jan. 30, 2013