01/30/2013 05:05 pm ET Updated Jan 30, 2013

'Girl Meets World' Cast: 'Boy Meets World' Stars Have Open Invite

The "Girl Meets World" cast has found its lead with Rowan Blanchard, who will play Cory and Topanga's daughter. But the rest of the ensemble could include some very familiar faces to "Boy Meets World" fans.

Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel are reprising their "Boy Meets World" roles of Cory and Topanga, parents to 13-year-old Riley (Blanchard). Their friends and family from the original ABC series could also stop by. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, series creator Michael Jacobs said the cast has an open invite.

"We sat down with them and talked about what their roles on the show may be," Jacobs said in regards to the original "Boy Meets World" cast members. "Whoever wants to be part of this show will be and whoever wants to move on will. The most important thing is to see what the show is and then see what their part in it will be. Will Friedle said, 'I will be at every taping.' Everybody is quite attached to it. The bottom line is: Will Rider [Strong] or Will be a cast member? Will they put in appearances? Maybe, maybe not. We’ll see."

Strong, Shawn Hunter to "Boy Meets World" fans, said he wasn't part of the project in November.

Jacobs said he has been reading fan reactions on Twitter and Tumblr and taking stock in what "Boy Meets World" fans have been saying.

"If we do a redo of the original series, that’s no good," he said. "Nobody wants that. The world [my kids are] growing up in is a far tougher world; it’s not the same world Cory Matthews met. I certainly don’t know that it’s as kid-friendly. It’s far more complex than it used to be because of their immediate access technologically, about things they should and shouldn’t."

Click over to THR for more from Jacobs on "Girl Meets World."

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