01/30/2013 09:23 pm ET

Pia Zadora, Broadway Star: Frank Sinatra 'Used To Throw Spaghetti At Me' (VIDEO)

Music legend Frank Sinatra was known for having a temper, but what did spaghetti ever do to him?

Golden Globe-winning actress and singer Pia Zadora spoke to HuffPost Live Wednesday about her relationship with Sinatra, whom she opened for during some of his shows in Las Vegas. Reflecting on their time together, Zadora admitted that there were times when Sinatra got so worked up that he threw pasta, "sauce and everything, even parmesan," at those around him.

"He was very volatile and very artistic and had a temper," Zadora said, noting that she was always smart enough not to throw any spaghetti back at the beloved singer.

Zadora told HuffPost Live's Jacob Soboroff that Sinatra first discovered her during a performance in Florida. His people called her up inviting her to join his Vegas set and soon he became her mentor.

"Every night before the show, he'd take my hands in his, look me in the eyes and give me a three-word pep talk: 'Don't screw up,'" Zadora said. "He was a taskmaster."

Zadora said overall she was excited and thrilled for the opportunity to work with Sinatra, who instructed her to turn every song into its own monologue.

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