01/30/2013 11:44 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

STK Steakhouse To Join Bachelorette Star's Bracket Room In Providing D.C. With Female-Friendly Eateries

STK via YouTube

WASHINGTON -- What makes a steakhouse or a sports bar female-friendly? D.C. eaters will soon have an answer, or two, to that question.

The Washington City Paper reports that STK Steakhouse -- slogan: "Not Your Daddy's Steakhouse" -- will be moving into a Dupont location formerly occupied by Casa Nonna.

In marketing materials, STK bills itself as having "a female-friendly mindset," on account of providing "small, medium and large cuts of meat, as well as naturally raised options and market fresh fish entrees," all served in a sleek environment. (The New York outpost of that sleek environment has sometimes been graced with the presence of Kim Kardashian.)

Eater suggests that an STK commercial -- see it below -- provides some options, beyond eating tiny portions, as to what "sexy females are welcome to do at STK."

These include "wear stilettos," "wear sunglasses inside," "do your hair and/or makeup at the table," "get engaged," be "fed steak by another sexy female while blindfolded," "arm wrestle," "pretend you have a mustache" and "sharpen a knife with some sort of power tool (or have a sexy man do it for you)" -- all saucy activities sure to make D.C.'s tourism board happy.

Sounds delicious? The D.C. branch of the STK chain -- it's in London, New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami and Atlanta already -- is due to open at 1250 Connecticut Avenue NW, though the blog Borderstan writes that no opening date has yet been set.

And STK isn't the only eatery aiming itself at the ladies. Earlier in January, Arlington Now reported that Bachelor Pad and Bachelorette contestant Chris Bukowski will be opening a gynocentric sports bar called Bracket Room in Northern Virginia:

The "sports lounge and eatery," as described in a press release, is expected to open this summer. It will be opening in the former Burapa Thai space at 1210 N. Garfield Street, though as of this morning no building permits have been issued.

Bukowski, a Chicago native who is best known for his appearances as a cast member on the ABC reality shows "The Bachelorette" and "Bachelor Pad," is opening the restaurant with business partners Jeff Greenberg and Nicole Pettitt.

{Arlington Now cited the Washington City Paper in saying that Greenberg is also an investor in Clarendon's Cava Mezze Grill; Ted Xenohristos, owner of this restaurant, contacted The Huffington Post to say that Greenberg " is not an investor in that concept.")

Bracket Room will also distinguish itself by "meshing a stylish environment with healthier small plates," according to the press release published on Arlington Now, which mentions nothing, however, of patrons wearing sunglasses inside or pretending to have a mustache.

What are you looking for in a female-focused steakhouse or sports bar? Tell us in the comments!

And here's the STK commercial in full:

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